100 KMS Pedestrian Region of Murcia "Los Alcázares"


Welcome to the second edition of the 100 KMS Pedestrian Region of Murcia “Los Alcázares”!

We hope to see you again on February 11, 2017, to repeat and surpass the success of the first edition in February 2016, where near 300 runners in different modalities (100 km, 50 km and 10x10 km relays), and that allowed us to celebrate in this beautiful coastal town in November 2016 the XXIX IAU 100 km World Championship & WMA World Championship, and celebrate for the first time ever the regional championships of 100 and 50 kilometers

And we are glad to announce that this race will be the first one in the calendar of the new League of the 100 Kilometers - Grand Prize of Spain of Ultrarunning.


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Información para el día de la carrera

Lee dentro información importante para la carrera.

Please read inside for information for your race.

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Race circuit

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Pick up your bib number

You can collect your bib number on Friday 10 in Centro de Alto Rendimiento Infanta Cristina de Los Alcázares and at the start of the race on Saturday 11.


Get accommodation starting at 18€ per person.

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Sponsors of the II Edition 2017

These are our sponsors for this edition:

  • Renault Herrero y López.

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Register in the web of the FAMU.

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Here you can access the official regulations for the II 100 KM Pedestrian Region of Murcia "Los Alcázares".

Download the Spanish version in PDF (the only oficial) or keep reading to access the online version.

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Working on the next edition: 2017

We are already working in the next year's edition, which will be in February 11th of 2017, and she comes with novelties:

  • More people: we are accepting up to 150 individual runners plus 50 teams of up to 10 relays. Will we reach 650 athletes?
  • You asked for it, and you deserve it. There will refreshment points separated for individual and teams races. And there will be a special refreshment bag for the athletes in the individual race.
  • A discount in the individual price: register from 40 euros.

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